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The Funk and Groove of Hammondbeat
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THE LINK QUARTET  discography

With Paolo taking over the band from retired founders Link Cardini and Tony Face he recruited Majo (guitar), Pato (drums), and Arnaldo (vocals) who’ve given not only the solid skills always central to a Link Quartet album, but also bring a fresh style necessary to stand riff-to-riff with their retro-contemporaries. French soul lyrics, hard-rock guitar energy, jazz drummer work ethic, body rumbling bass, and blistering organ riffs all come together into a socially conscious “power to the working man” party. HB DEBUT:2002
PAOLO "APOLLO" NEGRI  discography

The hardest working man we know! The Link Quartet, Fred Leslie's missing Link, Low Fidelity Jet-Set Orchestra, Flyjack, Futuro Seven, Max Paparella, Modulo5, Wicked Minds, the list goes on…

Paolo's third solo album "COBOL" will be released in December on Hammondbeat Records. HB DEBUT:2007
THOMAS MACKAY  discography

'Thomas owes an obvious debt to the great Bobby Hutcherson. With a clear tone, strong chops and good ideas he is also reminiscent of modern vibes masters Bryan Carrott and Joe Locke. A fine debut from a fellow Oregonian.' ~ Rob Scheps HB DEBUT:2013
MAX PAPARELLA  discography

Massimo "Max" Paparella, born in 1975, pianist, arranger and SIAE-registered composer with a special passion for Hammond organ and vintage instruments. He has over fifthteen years' experience in the music field, both as a live and studio musician. HB DEBUT:2008
THE BLAXOUND  discography

The Blaxound (Barcelona, Spain) was started by Marta Roman in 2003 recording with her musician friends at home. As the project became more serious the first album "Return Of The Blaxound" was released in 2008 on Oidos-sordos (Spain). Hammondbeat is proud to bring Marta's 2nd family album "Transmission" to you. HB DEBUT:2014

Also, look for The Blaxound back-catalog on Hammondbeat Digital later in 2014.
PENELOPE  discography

Firmly established (2011) in the South East of France, Penelope is obsessed with old analogic keyboards, classic amplifiers and guitars and truly believes that good music also comes with elegance and a sense of aesthetics. Penelope is not a 60’s revival band. It is a true pop-rock act with a very wide range of influences: dynamic guitar pop songs, certified floor-fillers and introspective songs which display a different range of emotions. You will also meet strange neighbors and killer robots along the way. HB DEBUT:2014
EURO CINEMA  discography

"Jazz isn't dead, it just smells funky." That's the motto of Dutch soul jazz/funk group Euro Cinema. The group's raw jazz funk sound is rooted in late 60s organ funk as well as the anonymous "library music" soundtracks to 70s movies. Hence the name! Euro Cinema consists Tim den Heijer (guitar), Niels Piay (drums), Dennis Orsel (bass) and Rob Schepens (Hammond organ) HB DEBUT:2009
FLYJACK  discography

Rooted heavily in the soul-jazz/raw funk sound of the late 60’s and early 70’s, FLYJACK is charged by a four-piece horn section, a crack rhythm section, and twin lead vocals. Hailing from Austin, Texas, the group has created international waves. Their HB debut features the mighty Paolo "Apollo" Negri and legendary drummer Jab'o Starks. HB DEBUT:2010

Low Fidelity Jet-Set Orchestra dive aggressively into vintage sound with deep funk roots, bossa-nova excursions, and an overdose of Hammond stabs, licks, chops and grooves. HB DEBUT:2007
THE YARDS  discography

Throwback break beats, facedown funk for the people. Savory playing style, innovative compositions, and well-seasoned sensibilities. HB DEBUT:2006

Producer Craig "zilla" Kristensen builds the greatest fantasy funk/soul band of all time. Phat Fred (SPA), Leslie Overdrive (DEN), and The Link Quartet (ITA) join forces with the greatest new soul sista's on the scene today: Sophie Faricy (UK), The Sweet Divines (USA), The Nouvellas (USA), Corrina Greyson (UK), and The Diplomettes (USA). HB DEBUT:2008
THE FUTURO SEVEN  discography

Music...Magic...Revolution…a Moog collaboration from Mario Janser (Men From S.P.E.C.T.R.E.), Cyril Jean (Stereoscope Jerk Explosion), and Paolo "Apollo" Negri (The Link Quartet). Only a fraction of the material has been released so far. Is the rest lost to time or is their day yet to come? Positive vibrations! HB DEBUT:2008
PHAT FRED  discography

Phat Fred is party funk.. putting the funk in party, the party in funk.. exclusively for funky people who like to party and for party people who need to be funky! HB DEBUT:2006

And don't miss their laid back jazz trio alter-ego Fast 3.

God separated the Hammond from the Leslie and he called the Hammond "funk," and the Leslie he called "soul." And there was funk, and there was soul—Leslie Overdrive. HB DEBUT:2007
CAPTAIN HAMMOND  discography

Captain Hammond is cosmic brain child of Mother Earth's Hammond hero and Acid Jazz legend Bryn Barklam - who has joined forces with Greg Boraman and Pete Collison of Reverend Cleatus & The Soul Saviours. HB DEBUT:2007
MEN FROM S.P.E.C.T.R.E.  discography

Since 1997...the mix of soundtracks of rocker attacks, the club scene, and end time visions build up the sound of this band. Blow out your speakers with Hammond organ and fuzzed + phased guitars, while drums, bass and percussion mash up the background. HB DEBUT:2006

One-offs, digital-only, and lost band projects from the Hammondbeat label. Sven Hammond Soul, Fil Lorenz, Modus, The Getup, Max Paparella, Nick Rossi Set, The Special Agents, Baron Samedi E.S.Q., Screamin' Retro, The Dansettes, The Nelsonics, and The Diplomats of Solid Sound can be found here.
VARIOUS ARTISTS  discography

Here you'll find digital compilations and multi-band projects like mash-ups between Captain Hammond/The Futuro Seven and Apollo/LQ/Diesler/The Bongolian.